What is Trauma?

Trauma is a physiological response to an event. Trauma often results in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns that can become worse when a person is not given the proper tools to heal. Some health and life concerns that have been correlated with trauma include chronic pain and physical health concerns; mental and emotional health concerns; difficulty creating and maintaining healthy relationships; unhappiness and lack of fulfillment; difficulty experiencing success, stability, and security; spiritual stagnation; and identity crises.

Research and ancestral tradition tell us that trauma becomes “stuck” in the body and causes various health concerns. Therefore, utilizing methods that integrate body, mind, and spirit is one of the best ways to ensure holistic healing from trauma. My approach to wellness will support you in healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I will work with you in a safe and affirming fashion to help you heal from trauma, be your best self, and create a life that makes you happy and is aligned with your destiny.

What Coaching Services Do You Offer?

I offer a combination of life, trauma, relationship, and spiritual coaching. At my essence, I am always warm, affirming, and emotionally safe. I create a space where you can be open and vulnerable, learn new skills and insights, and be gently challenged to be the best and highest version of yourself.

I utilize a combination of relational, cultural, polyvagal, and attachment frameworks to help you reach your goals. In my coaching sessions, I help you navigate stressors and life changes or transitions, set and accomplish goals, and create a life worth living. 

  • If your focus is relationships, I help you identify your struggles and create a blueprint for navigating relationships that feels authentic and beneficial to your needs. I work with you to help you create the relationships you desire in your life. 

  • If you struggle with mental and emotional wellness due to trauma, I help you balance your autonomic nervous system, which is the center that houses our flight, flight, and freeze responses. It also controls our appetites, moods, feeling of safety, and perception of ourselves and our world. I utilize polyvagal theory to help you create a personalized map to develop self-awareness regarding when you are off balance, your triggers, and ways to re-balance and maintain that balance. 

  • If you struggle with physical wellness due to trauma, I provide herbal remedies and consultations to help you regain physical balance. I provide a wealth of knowledge pulling from own journey as a mostly gluten free vegan with an herbal apothecary to care for me and family's needs

  • If you are struggling with spiritual trauma, I help you understand your concerns through a spiritual lens. I help you to move forward from harmful spiritual experiences, develop spiritual practices aligned with your needs and personalities, and further create a life worth living with an emphasis on spiritual awareness and balance. I utilize a mixture of Oracle and Tarot card reading, numerology charting, womanist and liberation theologies, middle eastern medicine, African traditional spirituality (ATR), ancestral reverence, etc. to help you develop spiritual grounding, spiritual awareness, and spiritual wellness.

What is Reiki Therapy/Energy Healing?

Reiki is an alternative healing technique rediscovered in the 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Christian monk from Japan. To perform Reiki, Reiki practitioners are trained and attuned by a Reiki Master teacher. Reiki can be performed in person or virtually, as energy is not bound by time or space. I currently only provide virtual Reiki. "Reiki" means Universal Life Energy. We all possess Universal Life energy, which is embodied in everything around us. However, due to illness, stress, and spiritual emptiness, our energy can become depleted, leaving us feeling "out of balance."

A virtual Reiki practitioner uses specific hand placements toward the chakra centers of a fully clothed client to recharge the body and build the store of Universal Life Force energy. The recharging of this energy helps to break through any blockages we are experiencing and heal the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Reiki is beneficial in the reduction of stress, frustration, and fatigue. It is also helpful in chronic pain management and preventative health maintenance. Additionally, Reiki is helpful in healing trauma, abuse, and addiction.

People from all spiritual and religious backgrounds can participate in and benefit from Reiki therapy. Many people state that they feel very relaxed and calm during and after a Reiki session. Some people compare Reiki sessions to deep meditation. Others state that they feel gentle vibrations flowing through their bodies. Reiki helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, leaving us feeling safe, relaxed, and soothed. Shortly after a Reiki session, many people describe an overall feeling of improved mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual well-being.Reiki can be conducted online or in person.

What is Holistic Herbalism?

Herbalism is the use of plants as an alternative medicine to help heal ailments. Herbalism is not the treatment, diagnosis, or use of conventional medicine to treat illnesses. Instead, it uses techniques utilized by our ancestors to holistically care for and help heal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns.

It also is the use of plants to maintain optimal health overall. Our ancestors had a knowledge of and relationship with the land and plant kingdoms. Participating in holistic herbalism helps us maintain health but also connect with the power in our ancestral lineage. 

What are Tarot/Oracle Card Readings?

Tarot and Oracle Card readings are tools used to help us seek guidance from Ourselves, the Creator, our Ancestors, and our other spiritual guides. They help us tap into divine knowledge and can be used to understand and overcome a variety of concerns and experiences. They are very beneficial in helping to navigate past trauma, life changes and stressors, spiritual awakenings, and identifying blockages stopping us from self actualizing. They are a great tool to help us achieve holistic wellness.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the understanding that the first language and communication of the universe is via symbols. It recognizes that letters and numbers are symbolic and uses that to help us heal trauma, uncover truths about ourselves, and gain knowledge into our life path and purpose for being here in this lifetime. It can be used as a tool to help understand struggles, but also to highlight strengths and pathways to enlightenment.



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