Refund Policy

Subject to these terms, you can request a refund from our third party supplier,, if the product was damaged, misprinted, or incorrect. We are not liable for any concerns regarding misprinted orders, incorrect orders, damaged orders, refunds, and returns that may arise from your willing participation in purchasing goods from our online store with Bonfire, Inc. Additionally, there are no refunds for the provision of services. Attached below are the refund and return policies for

Buyer Agreement

As supporters, you help bring an artist’s vision to life or support the fundraising efforts of a great cause! By choosing to wear your custom apparel around the world, you are helping to share their message. That is what Bonfire is all about. :)

Placing an Order

You warrant that you are authorized to use any credit card, Paypal account, or other means of payment that you provide to us. Providing any inaccurate information is a breach of these Terms and may result in cancellation of your order. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order for any reason including limitations on quantities available for purchase, or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department.

If your order is canceled after your credit card (or another payment account has been charged, we will issue a credit to your credit card (or another applicable payment account) in the amount of the charge. We will attempt to contact you if your order is canceled or if any information is required to accept your order.

By confirming your purchase at the end of the checkout process, you agree to pay for the Products, as well as the shipping and handling charges and applicable taxes.

Shipping and Delivery

Products will be shipped to an address designated by you as long as the address is complete. All transactions are made pursuant to a shipping contract, and, as a result, risk of loss for Products pass to you upon delivery of the Products to the carrier.

Estimated delivery times are determined based on the method of shipping chosen when Products are purchased and the destination of the Products.

International Orders

You acknowledge that the Products sold on Bonfire, are subject to the customs and export control laws and regulations of the United States of America and may also be subject to the customs laws and regulations of the country in which the products are received, and you agree to comply with all applicable laws.


Our Products are custom-made and printed to order, we are not able to accept returns unless the product was damaged, misprinted, or incorrect. For other terms that apply to our Return Policy can be found here in our Help Center.


We try our very best to make sure each Campaign is reviewed before launching, but from time to time, a Campaign gets missed.

We have no control over any information published on a Campaign page by a Campaign organizer and disclaim all liability to the fullest extent provided by applicable law.  We simply do not have the resources to verify this information individually for every Campaign.

While the merchandise you order on Bonfire will be sent to you as you anticipate, we have no means of verifying that the funds raised will be used as expressly described by a Campaign organizer. All donations made will be at your own risk.

If you have reason to believe that any Campaign on our Website is fraudulent or your payment instrument  (“Payment Instrument”) was compromised, immediately contact our fraud protection department at [email protected].

A few examples of what we do NOT consider misuse:

- Campaigns created on behalf of a beneficiary who is not aware that funds are being raised on their behalf.

- An idealistic or philosophical disagreement with the nature of the Campaign or character of the Campaign organizer.

- Multiple Campaigns set up on behalf of a person, charity, or event.

- Campaigns that have exceeded the sales goal set forth by the Campaign organizer.

At Bonfire, we strive to print every order perfectly on high-quality products and ship them in a timely fashion. If we ever come up short and you receive an imperfect product, we’ll make it right. Here’s how:

1) From our Contact Page, select “I have a question about my order”

2) Fill in your order number and email address used at checkout to locate the order in our system.

3) Once the correct order is found, select one of the following reasons for your refund or replacement request.

  • Change or cancel a recent order
  • Exchange for a different size
  • My order hasn't arrived yet
  • Problem with an order received
  • Other

Change or Cancel a Recent Order

If the campaign batch is still open, you have the option to change or cancel your order. After a campaign’s end date, we are not able to cancel orders as they are already being produced and shipped. Orders from a campaign with Print on Demand enabled can only be changed/cancelled before 11:59 pm EST the day the order was placed.

If you would like to change or cancel your Supply order, please contact our support team as soon as possible. We will not be able to cancel Supply orders that are already being produced and shipped.

Delivery Issues

You can track your order by visiting our Track Your Order page or your confirmation email.

If your order has yet to arrive within Bonfire’s stated shipping times, you’ll be able to verify and change your address for a replacement order through our contact page.

*Please keep in mind, due to the custom, print-to-order nature of our business, replacements take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Exchange for Different Size

If the size didn't end up working out for you, select a new size, verify the shipping address, and we’ll send a replacement!
Bonfire does not do product exchanges for different styles. If requesting a replacement, you’re only able to change the item's color and/or size. If you’d like a different product, you’ll need to request a refund and then place a new order.

Due to the custom, print-to-order nature of our business, replacements take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Misprinted, damaged, defective or incorrect orders

If your order arrives damaged, misprinted, or incorrect, select the products in your order that need attention and upload two images of what you received. One of the entire item and another close enough so the imperfection can easily be seen.

After you upload photos, please provide our quality assurance team with a brief description of the issue you experienced.

  • Ex: “There is a hole in the left sleeve”, “The logo is in the incorrect spot”, or “I ordered a large but received a medium.”

Once our team approves your request, we will gladly offer you the choice between a replacement or a refund.

Due to the custom, print-to-order nature of our business, replacements take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Please note that we are not able to issue refunds or replacements for orders placed more than 4 months ago.

Tracking Your Replacement

Once you submit your request for a replacement order, we will send verification and a new tracking number to your email! We will also notify you when your order begins shipment.

If there are any problems with your replacement or your request was denied, please reach out to us through our contact page. Our Customer Success Team will be happy to help.