From Drain to Gain: Leaving Toxic Religion & Finding Spiritual Grounding

What Is Group Coaching?
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Group coaching involves a cohort of 6–11 group members who are seeking help, exploration, and guidance from a shared experience. Group coaching gives you the opportunity to process concerns, learn new skills, build community, and gain support. Our current group coaching program is called from Drain to Gain: Leaving Toxic Religion and Finding Spiritual Grounding.

It is designed to help women of color aged 22–40 gain awareness and skills surrounding navigating toxic religious practices, holistically heal from experiences and trauma surrounding toxic religion, feel seen and heard by other women with similar experiences, learn additional methods of exploring spirituality, build community with other Black and Queer women, and learn more about their own spiritual gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Group Spiritual Coaching Services

You can fill out the Google interest form listed below, and I will reach out to you with further instructions! 

Fill out the interest form to join the waitlist and get more information about the next cohort!

We will meet via Zoom.

Ages 22-40

Yes! This group is open to women of color from all religious backgrounds, denominations, and sects.

This group is for women of color, with special emphasis placed on black women and Queer-identifying experiences.

Yes! I affirm and identify with the Black and Queer woman's experience. All group participants will be Queer/LGBTQ affirming as well.

The group meets once a week for three weeks. Each weekly session is 75 minutes in duration. You will also get access to a private Facebook group of other women working towards their own spiritual wellness and the resources provided in the group to help you on your journey.

Refunds are only available in the event that the group discontinues early or the program is terminated or delayed. There are no refunds for any other reason.

The group coaching program is currently $300 total per person.

We will discuss the cultural definitions of and differences between spirituality and religion, what is toxic or unhealthy religiosity, how to heal from toxic religious experiences, ways to step into spiritual gifts, and practices to maintain optimal spiritual wellness. We will also have time to share our stories and experiences as each group member feels comfortable.

Each cohort has 5–11 group members. I wanted to keep it small so that everyone had the opportunity to really get to know each other.

Yes! In fact, I encourage you to do so! One of the main reasons I created this group was to help Black women build a healthy community!

How Can I Help You?

I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can work together to support your personal growth, well-being, and transformative journey. I offer online services to clients from any location. Reach out today and let's start a conversation.

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