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Do you feel stuck and like you’re struggling to heal and create the life and love you deserve? Do you believe wellness, abundance, liberation, and joy are your birthrights but are struggling to experience that in your reality?

I can help. I am a Spiritual Trauma Healer, Online Trauma Teacher, Former Mental Health Therapist, and Certified Trauma Specialist. I am also a published author and public speaker. I offer virtual and distance healing sessions, so I can see clients from any location! I currently offer Life, Spiritual, & Trauma Coaching; Reiki, Herbalism, Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, and Numerology Charting. Take the first step towards a balanced and fulfilling life. Visit my services section to learn more about my offerings and participate in one of my wellness programs today!

About Me

Excellent Holistic Medicine Practitioner Online and in San Diego

Welcome to Energetically Aligned Healing, your trusted source for holistic wellness in San Diego, California. As a singular expert in holistic medicine, I bring a unique blend of professional qualifications and personal experiences to guide you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

My extensive ...

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Approach to Healing and Transformation

My approach to healing and transformation stems from my own journey to holistically heal trauma and is rooted in the belief that true well-being encompasses all aspects of our being—mind, body, and spirit. The healing methods I use with clients helped me to heal from years of severe trauma that was almost fatal. ...

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Who Are My Clients?

I specialize in helping high achieving women of color to holistically heal trauma and pursue their dreams. My clients typically have mastered achievement in one area of their lives such as high paying jobs, prestigious degrees, high value homes, or well respected careers; but struggle to integrate that energy ...

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Winner of the BRAINZ 500 GLOBAL & CREA Awards

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Navigating Grandparent Grief During The Holiday

3 Truths To Help You Heal Mother Wounds

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Exclusive Interview With BRAINZ Magazine

Equilibreyaum Talk Show: Alternative Therapy


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"Working with you has been a truly (3rd) eye-opening experience. I felt supported and confident throughout our time together. Your ...

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Kiara is truly amazing. I knew I wanted some guidance in life and felt strongly that alternative therapy was more in alignment with what I needed, and ...Read more

Nov 14, 2023
Alicia Parker

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